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The Art of Exceptional Development

At True North Studio, what makes us different is our commitment to what shapes the world’s best cities. We’re not the kind of company that simply builds the easiest possible project. Instead, we examine each project intentionally, as an opportunity to build something that adds to the fabric of the community, and we find the best and highest use for every structure we work with. For infill construction, this means partnering with some of the most dynamic concepts in retail and hospitality to create something spectacular that adds to the fabric of the community. For renovations and adaptive reuse, it means working to be responsible curators of the building’s history while positioning it for a successful future. For everything we do, we approach development as an art, and believe in the power of art in development. Our goal is to do more than build a building — it’s to bring every building to life, and have it contribute to the overall lifestyle of the communities where we work.

We’re a collection of talented professionals that hail from a variety of specialties, but share a common goal — to create and curate exceptional spaces where incredible things happen on a daily basis. And we have the expertise and acumen to make it work. Our founders have decades of experience in commercial real estate construction, development, finance and accounting and have been involved in more than $6 billion in projects around the world. Our team consists of some of the best people and partners in the industry. Our portfolio of properties is carefully managed, and provides an incredible array of opportunities and experiences for those who partner with us.

Our work is done in places where the modern stands next to the historic, the contemporary interacts with the retro, the taller structures compliment the shorter. Our projects focus on the human experience, and are designed to be sustainable contributors to the living environment. We not only build, we partner with exceptional people and organizations to create spaces we want to be a part of as well. We believe that when you have a little bit of everything, then you really have something.


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The best teams consist of people with diverse talents. True North Studio is a collection of professionals with broad skill sets, who each bring something unique to the table.

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